Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Frog Collage and a Silly Bird

 Hey Friends,  I added the newest dictionary painting/collage to Etsy today.  F is for Frog !!
And I just wanted you to see this silly, beautiful Dove I rescued from Mom's Greenhouse.   Birds are always going in there and then can't remember how they got in.   Mom said she threw one out yesterday.  From her description it sounded like Phoebe (I can't spell).  This dove was so laid back, she didn't seem to mind my holding her.   Oh yeah, I have been trapping squirrels and hauling them to new homes because they are pigs and won't let my birds have any of the seeds I put out.  I'm nice, mind you, they are never hurt.  I take them to a nice new home with lots of trees.  They are such a nusense.  I've relocated 12 of the rodents.  I also forgot to unset the traps  a couple nights and nabbed a raccoon, a possum, a skunk, and a baby possum.  I let all these critters go, didn't want to move them.  I'm really enjoying all my birds.  My favorite little woodpecker brought her baby to the suet.  What a treat.
Happy Trails
Travel Well

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