Tuesday, May 13, 2014

"Bees No. 29"

Hey Friends,  Anew addition to the Ebay auctions.  Painted with acrylics on a 12"x 6" wrapped canvas.  Varnished and ready to hang.  Click Here for more info.
I'm still in the process of cleaning and rearranging the studio.  I've been slowed down with a BAD cold and rain.  I'll get 'er done just not this week.
Happy Trails
Travel Well

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Rebecca Hadley said...

ewww feel better! So many colds going around right now! I love your bee painting. I just heard a lecture involving a local beekeeper and it was fascinating to learn about bees. Apparently it takes 6 bees to pollinate each almond that you eat. Now I understand why they are so stinking expensive! lol. Can't wait to see the work that you come up with after you heal up!