Friday, May 30, 2014

Spirea and Iris on the Driveway

Hey Friends, The painting above was painted last Sunday, 5-25, and a couple photos of the work in progress below.  It's up for auction in Ebay now, CLICK HERE
It's a struggle to get the values right when outside in the bright sunlight.  I started with a dark warm brown canvas, as you can see above.  I think it helped.

This photograph looks more like or is closer to the real colors and values of the painting.  The top piece is scanned and looks too dark to me.
Just adding a side note here, on the other side of this scene on the driveway , my brother drove up to find a rattlesnake there !   Yuck Yuck - I can't stand a slithering snake, none of them, much less a poisonous rattler.  I went to Northwest Hardware and bought a bag of sulfur to sprinkle a band around the house.  Supposedly snakes will not cross the line.  Ordinary snakes, a band 4" wide, for rattlers, a band 8" wide !  The bag says this.
Anyway, Come to the Sedalia Center Artisan Fair tomorrow, Saturday May 31st.
I will be there with my painting buddies, the Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge.
Have a great weekend
Happy Trails
Travel Safely

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Rebecca A. Maynard said...

This driveway was simple in design, but difficult to plan and to construct due to the many constraints -- side slope, varied geology, overstocked trees, property lines and rights of way. If you want to know more about road design, the WA DNR or UW Extension/Forestry have handbooks that are cheap or free.cedar privacy fence