Thursday, May 22, 2014

Little DragonFly and Plein-Aire in Botetourt

Hey Friends,  A sweet little Dragon/Damselfly briefly resting on a purple butterfly bush, buddleia.  They are such flitty little creatures.  I keep every dead one I find.  They are my "models".
And a few photos for your enjoyment.  DLP and I went to the Greenfield Park in Botetourt this morning to paint.  It 'twas a gorgeous day.  Nice breeze and sunshine.  The very best time of the year.  Above is my canvas panel already toned with a burnt orange.

And this is about half way through the painting process.  The canvas is covered now with the local colors.  I stopped at this point to get started on another.  I think I have finally figured out the way to paint in the field.   I do a better job if I start in the field and finish up in the studio.  If I know a space very well, I can continue, like I do when I'm painting at home or the neighborhood.  I guess I'm not as easily distracted as when I'm in a new space.

This is my 2nd start.  For me I think the ideal situation would be to go to each new area for a week.  Paint only in that space for a week.  Then jump in my motorhome and go to the next town.  Now if I can get my little plastic motorhome to start, I'll be all set.

Last shot of some local residents.  The white one had a funny little top knot on his head.  Go ahead and be envious, we had a wonderful day in the office.
Happy Trails
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