Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"RWP Eggs" for Mothers Day

Hey Friends,  Maybe your Mom would like a more colorful home for her chicks.  Here it is !
A red nest with turquoise eggs.
Eggs are a symbol for home, nest, children, and fertility.
The auction ends tomorrow, so check it out HERE.

And for some fun news. . . .I got to paint outside today !  This evening as the sun was getting low.
I have painted from this same spot about 3-4 times since the iris started blooming.  I intend to show you the first attempts also but I wanted to go ahead and share todays effort. 
Mainly because I think I did a much better job than usual.
Most of my plein air efforts are too dark when you bring them indoors.  From what I have read, lots of plein air newbies do this too.  It's VERY difficult for me to SEE this when I'm going full-tilt in the sunshine.  I guess you get used to it at some point, with enough practice.
Anyway, I feel like this one is pretty good.  Any comments or helpful suggestions are welcome.
Thought I would throw in a couple shots as I worked.  I'm not very good at stopping enough to get shots.  A timer would help.

This shot I'm pretty much finished.  So I will live with it for a while and decide what to do with her.
Happy Trails
Travel Well

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