Wednesday, September 9, 2015

ELEMENTS - the Show by Double Line Painters is hanging at Goose Creek Gallery in Bedford, Va.

Hey Friends,  A reminder, 'cuz I really hope you will take the time to come out to DT Bedford, Va.this Friday evening, the 11th for their 2nd Fridays Art Walk.

The 2 photos above show some of the works by the Double Line Painters.  Top is Linda Schaar.

These last 2 photos show a piece of mine, titled "Call of the Sea".  Titles are my weak spot.
Thought of calling it "Ariel's Necklace".  Sort of reminds me of a a child's homemade necklace.

There is a base of silver leaf,  with a Geode and shell slices and beads and some sort of netting and CARDBOARD of all things!  And Linda loaned me some stuff that makes instant verdigris, which you can barely see along the edge of cardboard.

For me the abstracted images are the hardest, they take the longest to create.  Maybe if one did them every day it wouldn't take so long.  You know that thing called "practice".

Hope to see you soon,
Happy Trails

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