Sunday, September 20, 2015


Hey Friends, Finally getting some strength back!  Enough to post on this blog and Etsy and DLP blog.
This is another still life where I tried to paint like Ovannes Berberian.  I was digusted, or maybe irritated is a better word, when I finished this.  So after looking at it glumly for a bit, I got out the long haired liner brush and said I'll fix or destroy it.  When I finished all the squiggles, I liked it so much better!   CLICK HERE for a view on ETSY.

Pearisburg was tuff, even if we did have some of the best volunteers EVER.!  If  I could get some sleep the night before a show, the experience would be so much better.  But I can't sleep and get up at 4:30am and drink caffeine until I'm nearly sick.  Pack up the cooler and brush the teeth and jump in the already loaded and gassed up car and go whizzing to meet Linda, another DLP member.  The drive to Pearisburg takes > < an hour.  So I'm hoping I make with out having to PEE!  Remember ALL the caffeine... Nope I don't make it.  Somewhere in the dark, not to far from my destination, I must stop.  Pee and get more coffee !!
Betty Herbert and her vast staff of volunteers were so helpful.  But like I said, it's still tuff.  It turned into a beautiful day.  Not to hot and lots of sunshine and blue sky with billowing clouds.
I did meet a super couple, above, that bought two of my pieces.  And they are Inn Keepers near by and said they would love to have us, the DLP's, come up in the fall and paint some of their beautiful views at the Inn..  How cool is that.

I will post more photos at the so check it out too.
Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Trails

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