Thursday, October 27, 2016

THE MAKING OF STILT MAN !! (say it in loud boomy voice, like in the superman movies)

Hey Friends, I finally have gotten around to painting this man I saw on stilts about 2-3 years at the Bedford Centerfest.

Top photo are some of the papers I made for it.  And this photo is the new canvas with a bit of texture, that you can't see.

This is where I start adding the various reds !

Making a decision on where the MAN goes.

Putting down the gel for the MAN to stick tight.

His shirt went down first.

Then his LONG pants came next.

Next his hat and some more papers.

A close up to see the texture.

Here is the final.  SO O O O O O ooooo very disappointed, I was.
I can't even say this needs more work, it's so bad.  Just needs to be burned.

I will attempt it again.
Lord knows when.

Any Hoo, just wanted you to see the long road to a DUD.
Thanks for hanging around this long.

Enjoy your autumn,
Happy Trails

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