Saturday, October 8, 2016


Hey Folks,  Not many of you wanted to come play in the rain.  Can't blame you, this kind of weather is really good for sleeping.  It is still beautiful, in my opinion.  Look at that view.!

Suzanne Ross, above, came to play with her watercolors. above.
NO kin to Bob Ross, haha.

And Ms. Suzy came with her oils, above.  The rain blew in sideways and got everyones stuff wet.

Here is Linda, smoozzing with Dana Phillips.  He gave a demo earlier that I missed, dang it.

This is his demo and it really looks much better in person. My colors are off.  It is 581 and/or 220 at Tanglewood.  He made such a common, drab view, beautiful

Then on my way home, I stopped at the Greenway along the Roanoke River in Salem, to show you how it looks like the Great Muddy Mississippi, when this full.  It has covered the walkway!

Such a beautiful place we live in.

Very thankful Hurricane Matthew did not cause any more damage than it did.  It spared most of the people and homes along Florida's coast.  I have a dear friend in the Ormond beach area, that I was very worried about but she only lost a few trees and palms and some of her roof.  Of course, she has a mess to clean up but she and her fur babies are safe.

I'll be back with another report on the SoPeak Paint Out tomorrow.

Everyone has a pleasant evening and thanks for stopping in.

Happy Trails

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