Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Hey Friends,  Have you all been busy?  Busy with Life?  And busy with Holiday stuff?  Some people thrive on this season.  Seems like I remember being that way, years ago.  Maybe it was because I had kids at home then.  Or maybe because I worked in the holiday decorating industry.  Or could it be because I have now turned into a stogy old crumpet?   NAH !

On to something more pleasant.  I just picked out, randomly, something I have painted recently.
Above was my starting point.  It is 24x18, acrylic on canvas.

I am attempting to simplify and abstract the scene of the swinging bridge over the James River in Buchanan, Va.  Not very far from my home here in Salem, Va.

I bet I know what you are thinking, Simplified maybe BUT abstracted?  No Way.

One little detail photo.

And I agree with you.  This might be as simple as I can get, right now.  At this point in my journey.  Heck, this might be IT !?  Only time will tell.

This was a rather tuff painting for me.  Always questioning what I should do next.  In spite of all the doubts, I kinda like it.

More to come.  I have painted several in the last month and can't wait to start on the next one.  As soon as I decide what it should be.

Hope all of you dear friends are enjoying your shopping and wrapping.  Hope you get to see all that you love this year.

Happy Trails
Travel Safely

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