Monday, December 19, 2016

Process/Progress of "Being Loved Deeply"

Hey Friends,  More progress shots !  I feel like someone should pat my head and say "Good Girl"
Above, on a 24" x 12" canvas that I had stained sometime before, I put some texture paste on pretty thick in some areas.

Had to wait a couple days for the thick stuff to dry.  Then added a bit of color, not sure where it was headed.

I love burgundy so that got me started.

Then touches of more primaries, thalo blue and yellow.

Then mixed the blue, yellow for green and made some drips.
I know some people don't like drips but I do for some reason!  And I love splatters too!
Please tell me if you think I carry them too far.

I like circles and squares too.  Maybe I can use them next, if I remember to be a "Good Girl".

Having a great time finishing out this year and hope you are too.
But if you can, make it go a bit slower.

Happy Trails

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