Friday, February 3, 2017


Hey Friends,  This turned out to be a fun project.  I found a piece of map in my odds & ends stash.   I laid it on my paper and added a few odd pieces of painted paper to the papers.  I moved them around for a while. 
Once I found the composition I liked and glued them down, and let it dry.

The fun stuff started then.  I cut out the paper doll string and the fence posts and the other touches.  I enjoy scribbling with a graphite water soluble pencil.  So that means I must spray it with fixative before varnishing.

All in All, I should be ready for a few shows this year.
I need to work on some bigger pieces soon.

I updated my website with the new upcoming events that I'm aware of.
Check it out HERE.

Have a great weekend.
Happy Trails

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