Monday, February 27, 2017

FENCES An Original Collage

Hey Friends, The warm weather continues here in SW Virginia, in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Yet here I am indoors on the WEB, trying to write something coherent about this collage.
I like it now.  When I thought I was finished I still had a vague problem with the right side.  So I put down pieces of paper and moved them around, the usual way of finding what is wrong or something I like better.
Now I liked the right side and had to tie it together.  I like the barbed wire and the white ring, which represented the hole you crawl through under the fences, to get to the coveted red block.!
GranBabes are a big help when it comes to using your imagination.
The piece of paper in the bottom right corner is from the Mexican newspaper I told you about in the previous blog.  This collage is available on my website HERE or if you prefer a pillow or print at FAA HERE.

If the warm weather holds on I intend to try some encaustics soon.  Very simple versions of encaustics.  I don't want to invest a lot of money, in case it's not MY THING.

Have a Wonderful Week
Happy Trails

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