Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Hey Friends, Yes, today was a beautiful day! This was the first day this year that felt like spring. My oldest daughter, Angie, came over with her first born - my precious grandbaby above. We spent hours outside and in the greenhouse. Angie was transplanting seedlings for her garden and the babe spent hours planting black-eyed peas and various bits of junk.
Here is a close up of a black-eyed pea. She kept hers together in a mini-greenhouse. Silly!

She did her work right out of the wheel barrell with a funny little bear on the chair singing - "Come and Get Your Love". Thankfully, her parents believe children should be allowed to play in the dirt and run outside. Some kids aren't allowed to get dirty or break a sweat. She will probably do more damage in the garden this year than the 200 deer that pass through.

OK - I wanted to show you what I posted in my Etsy shop last night, too tired to blog about it last night. And with the unlikely threat of Confikker hanging around tomorrow, I thought I'd do it now. This was painted with acrylics on 300lb. Arches watercolor paper. It's nice and bright, using the primary colors. It measures a 9 1/4" square with a 2" border.
Happy Trails.


erin rogers pickering said...

Lovely... feels like a Vermeer.

Audra, Green Meadow Lane said...

Ooogh! I love this painting! The colors are so light, vibrant and fun!