Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Hey Friends, I haven't posted for a while 'cuz I was away from home for a week, then had to jump back into my job. The other job, which I also love! LOL. Seriously, my baby girl is still sick, even after having her gall bladder removed. It's called gastroparesis, which means paralyzed stomach. The last 2 days seem to be a bit better. She got some new medicine on Friday and thinks that may be helping. She has lost a lot of weight but that will be OK if this is the end of her struggle with keeping food down. I love her.
While I was away a young lady left a comment on my last blog post, thanking me for the Painted Photo Collage tutorial. Hope she gets to use it soon and I wanted you to check out her blog, which is and then check out some of the blogs she follows. I clicked on a couple and found them very interesting, I'll have to check out more of them later. So go click on and
Tomorrow I'm going to paint ALL day so I don't want anyone ringing the phone, banging at the door, or blowing their car horns to get me to sell my art work. Sorry, It'll just have to wait 'til next week. I've got to finish a piece I promised to be ready last week.


Kim and Joe Armstrong AKA-VintageCreations4u said...

Hello.sorry to hear that. My daughter had to have hers removed at 17 yrs old and she still has gastro problems to this day. I am following your blog. Enjoy your paitning day tomorrow! Awesome blog!

Black Rose said...

Thank you for visiting and mentioning my blog! Sending love and well wishes for your daughter xf

Sara said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! And I love those colorful shoes, too!

I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter. I hope the new medicine continues to work.

I love those days when you can just paint all day long. Enjoy it!

w said...

i accept your proposal. we shall be bff. don't tell anyone else. mainly because i promised a bunch of people that i'd be their bff. but i fibbed.

i'm going to blow my car horn at you tomorrow. i don't listen well and i'm impatient.

but that's ok. because we're bff.

Anonymous said...

I hope that everything turns out ok!