Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dr. Wang

Hey Friends, We made it back from UVA pretty late. We were all pretty tired from riding in a small car and sitting a lot in waiting rooms. Jessi was pretty much out of it or asleep the entire day. The only thing that happened was the doctor and his nurse took a lot of history notes and flipped through her medical records and viewed a CD of her CAT SCAN (is that spelled correctly?) Basically how he summed it up was, the Roanoke doctors had already performed the basic or obvious and easiest tests. Now Dr. Wang wants to dig a bit deeper. He drew blood and collected a urine sample for tests he said he will evaluate with other specialists. We go back on April 7 for a barium type test of her upper bowel. Shhheeewww, the best part of hospital waiting rooms is catching up on your reading. Next visit I'll be taking the book I bought from Alyson Stanfield - "I'd rather be in the Studio". Apparently this is going to be a long drawn out process, because Dr Wang doesn't have "A Magic Bullet"!!
Happy Trails

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