Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Hey Friends, Continuing on with the studio clearance sale. Do you have a ton of stuff you'd like to get rid of? I guess if you're an artist you might have a lot of little stuff too. Or do you have big stuff? What do other artists do with the paintings that haven't sold? Granted I have not done any festival shows for the past 4 years (just here in my home town) so that must be the problem. In the past I've not had this much accumulation. Since I can't stop painting, I've got to do something with them. I do plan to donate some to a few local auctions. Anyway, if you want to take advantage of my obcession, I'm posting these in my Etsy shop.

This is Painted Photo Collage. Do you like the paper lanterns? I used to have a hard time finding them, now you can pick them up almost everywhere. Mix some paper lanterns with flowers and a darling little girl and a little imagination and you wind up with a sweet little painting! Click here to go to Etsy.

Happy Trails.

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Chrisy said...

Gorgeous piece...the lanterns...the flowers...the girl...