Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Hey Friends,  Yes it's true - 2013 is here.  An entire year has passed .  I don't remember any profound accomplishments.   Mostly I remember sleepless nights.

I'm hoping your new year will be bright and happy.   I want to thank you for visiting my blog and buying my art work.   Hope to paint more this year than last.   I will spend the next few days at Gallery 108.  I'll be helping move everything out and patch walls, etc. 

All the Best to you.

Happy Trails
Travel Well


audrey said...

Hi Sue.
I am sad to see Gallery 108 close. It was always one of my favorite galleries. And to make matters worse, I did not have a chance to get in there before it closed. I called yesterday hoping it would be open for a little while, but no answer.
I'm sure you have other things in mind to replace your time spent there. I, too, hope to paint a lot more this year. I must make time for my passion.
Happy New Year, Sue.

Lesa Kay said...

Happy New Year! I hope for all of us a bit more prosperity and certainly the health to pursue whatever our heart's desires might be. :-)