Tuesday, January 8, 2013

30 in 30 Woody #6

Hey Friends,  Don't know what kind of Woodpecker this is but He's Woody #6.  I'll look for his official name later I must get ready for my "Real Job" and I've got to post here before posting on Leslie's 30 Day Challenge. 
I'm pretty pretty sure I've messed up somewhere,somehow in posting here, Leslie's and DPW.  Can't put my finger on it ('cuz I can't sit here long enough) but they are not synchronized/lined up.

On another note we the DLP (Double Line Painters) will be meeting this Thursday at Smith Mtn.Lake at Midges Lake house to play and make sure of the details for the up coming mixed media collage workshop.
Workshop will be at 2nd Helpings on Sat. Jan. 26th  from 10am til 12:30.  You local friends please come and have fun with us.  Sign up now at 2ndHelpings on Williamson Rd.

Now I'm off to attempt connecting with the other sites.

Happy Trails Travel Well

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