Sunday, August 31, 2014

Leslie S. 30 Day Challenge starts tomorrow

Hey Friends,  The painting above was painted at the Wharton Gardens in Bedford, Virginia.
I remembered for the most part to stop and take photos every few minutes.  One of these days, I will get a timer for my plein air bag.

The beginning of course.

First indicators.

Got the darkest down.

Yes, I left the banana plant out. (probably a canna)

Got most of the important stuff down already.

Almost done.  I backed up to get a different view and now you can see that is Mary Anne back there.

This angle makes a glare, but I'm quitting.

I enjoy showing you how some paintings come together so easily.  I love plein air and that makes it easier too.  I wouldn't have enough space on a blog to show you some of the pain I must go through to get some paintings done.
Also I want to let you know I'm participating again in Miss Saeta's 30 day challenge.  She thinks it makes it easier to pick a theme.  I had thought about tropical or lavender paintings.  Then I decided to drive myself crazy for 30 days and do stuff I don't normally do.  Like trying to simplify or abstract stuff a bit, just some techniques that are hard for me to do.  They don't come natural.
May be a big mistake BUT maybe I'll learn something.
Happy Trails

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