Wednesday, August 13, 2014

River Rocks

Hey friends,  This is a small plein air painted last week while playing at the waters edge with my Gran Babes.  I always feel bad when kids have to go back to school and they start this coming Monday.  I realize it's my problem because I hated school.  Not all kids hate school.  I was much happier playing in the water all day, catching craw dads or just laying under the pines, watching the sunlight flicker in the breeze.  Day dreaming about when Roy Rogers and Dale would come to adopt me.  The point is only 2 days left for my Babes to be free to play all day and/or drive me nuts.  Kids can't entertain themselves like we used to.  The only time I get to paint is when I take them to play in the water.
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The popcorn is calling.
Happy Trails

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