Friday, August 29, 2014

PleinAir Painting in Bedford, Va.

Hey Friends,  It's been too long since last post but this has been a crazy summer, year.  Much like the last few.  The painting above was done yesterday while visiting the Wharton Garden beside the #Bower Center in Bedford, Va.  My painting Group, the #Double Line Painters, was delivering the work done for the # "Barns of Bedford " project.
Here is the Ole Gal painting on the first one.  I think I need to lighten the bricks before I post here.  I took several photos as the piece progressed and will let you see them after I finish.

And here is the little #sky painting, started next.  I was a bit tired & lazy so I sat for this one.  Seemed to make it go faster or it could be I've painted tree lines so often, I've got the hang of it now.  This garden had some gorgeous trees.  A couple I've never seen before.  One really large tree w/large pale pods, Judy called a "Kentucky __something__Tree.
I will post the first painting tomorrow I hope.  And details about the exhibit "Barns of Bedford".
Happy Trails
Travel Well

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