Tuesday, January 12, 2016

30 in 30 - Day 12

Hey Friends,  Todays post will show you a little more of the process.  May be of interest to some one.   I have tried really hard to take photos as I paint.  It is difficult.  I get so lost in the DOING that I forget!  Done with a palette knife-which I'm loving!

I bought a timer today to see if that helps.  (But ya know I've got to remember to set it)

The bottom three photos were taken with a camera so of course they are not very good.

The top image is done on my scanner.  It is a lot more trouble but look how much better the image is.
Anything over 10" has to be scanned in 3 sections at different dpi's and then merged in photoshop and cropped and if need be, resized.

This painting is available HERE.

Come back again tomorrow.

Happy Trails

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