Sunday, January 24, 2016

Leslie Saeta's 30 day Challenge - Day 24

Hey Friends,  I suppose most of you know that Virginia got a good dusting of Snow this weekend.  I've been holed up painting and eating like a mad woman.  Happy with the art work so far but I forgot to buy ice cream before the flurry HIT !

It's a good thing really.  I've been eating pretty healthy.  
The small painting pictured here is in my ETSY SHOP.  I painted it with a palette knife and I must say I really like working with a knife.  You can make a lot of texture and of course it keeps you loose.  Everything I've painted the last few days was done with knives.

Thanks for stopping in and leave a message if you have time.

Happy Trails


Sue Marrazzo said...

lovely texture

DLPBR said...

Thank you Sue. Have you tried the palette knife?