Thursday, June 2, 2016


Hey Friends,  Here is another one you may not have seen yet.  It was painted from photos of Southport, NC.  Photos taken on a trip to the coast with my painting buddies.   It is 8" x 16" panel and varnished and available HERE.

And this morning we, the DLP's, made it to Longwood Park on Main St. in Salem, Va. to brush up on our skills.  Nice when you can find a view from a bench AND you didn't forget your umbrella..  And that IS a cemetery on the hill.
I am experimenting with some palettes that #Hongnian Zhang uses in his book #  the Yin/Yang of Painting".  My buddy, Linda, has been experimenting with them so I thought, maybe limited palettes would make painting easier or at the very least, less anxiety.  So today, I made 3 starts or sketches and will paint each with a different palette just to keep for reference.
Should be an interesting experiment.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Happy Trails

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Shelley Koopmann said...

Really nice, Sue! I, too, am playing with different palettes. It's certainly a challenge. 😍