Thursday, June 23, 2016


Hey Friends,  Man, I'm happy this video turned out but it's only 44 seconds but would you believe it took 25 minutes to load on this blog?  What's the deal?  Anyone know???

Here is all the canvas panels laid out to dry.  It is a rust/brick color.  You may think that is ODD but wait until you see the finish!

This is Linda.  Don't you love my ariel views?  My little GO-Pro on the little helicopter is a real trick to use.....Kidding.

Four of us met this morning after the thunderstorm and we all did the little painting that we plan to teach in the workshop and HOW different they were.  'Twas a bunch of fun.
I'm positive the participants will have as much fun as we did.!

You can still sign up  HERE..
You have 'til Friday Noon or so.

Happy Trails

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