Friday, June 17, 2016


Hey Friends,  I made the long trip to Smith Mtn. Lake this morning.  I took new paintings to the Little Gallery, in the photo above.
Click HERE for their website.

I have made big attempts to give my work some interesting titles this year.  Instead of the generic terms Lake#1 or Lake #2 etc.  This is titled "I Wish You Knew".
And these titles mean something to me, not sure anyone else will appreciate this creativity.

This one is titled "Chasin Tomorrow".

This is "Sweet Nosiness".  I just loved these cows!  They just looked so sweet and timid and like they really wanted to come closer.  When I spotted them on Hardy Rd. heading home, they were all laying down in the background in the sun.  When I came to the gate, they all got up and started towards me.  But this is as far as they would go.  There was a dark male to the right, all by himself and looking at me very sternly.  I think he told them to stop there.  

This is title "Tis Good to Wander" derived from that old saying "Not all who wander are lost".
Taken from a combo of several photos.

Hope you get to go to the Lake and enjoy some summer time fun and get a cone at the Ice Cream Shoppe after you leave the Little Gallery.

And don't forget the LAVENDER FESTIVAL at Evergreen Lavender Farm in Appomattox tomorrow. Sat. the 18th.  It's worth the drive.
CLICK HERE to read the article in their local paper, the News & Advance.

See you at the festival and hopefully at the lake.

Happy Trails


Sue Marrazzo said...

All are Beautiful!

Julie Riffey said...

They ARE very nice. Summer shines thru.