Sunday, June 19, 2016


Hey Friends,  This post will be a bit long.  I'm just trying to show you what you missed!
After scouting around I found this spot I liked.  The view is to the left.

I had to bleach the background out a bit to make the painting show up.  I was sitting in the shade.

I love it when others show their palettes so I did one.

I was set up right next to a huge line for burgers and along came a sweet little shy pup called Carly.  She is a cock a poo just like MeeMee except the color of beautiful rust.  She had the same nature as MeeMee ! Loved her.

OK, almost finished!  This is 8x16 inches.

As I said, I was next to the line of burger lovers and talked with most of them.  This lady in white tank top was trying her best to dodge the camera BUT I got her.  It would be nice to know that she saw this blog post.

Then I went around to the other end of the Craft Hut to start another painting.  Small 6x8 this time.  And this was another high traffic area.  Lots of people going inside to see the lavender workshops, so I was able to talk with lots more about our workshop.

Here is a view of the folks picking lavender for their own use.  I hope there is enough left for our workshop.  This festival reminds me a lot, of a festival I attended, years ago, in France.  It was actually a wine fest but it was on a family farm and the landscape was beautiful but mostly the people are what jogged my memory.  They were all happy, smiling, friendly and seemed grateful, as if life was really good.  I loved it all and was so happy I did not miss it.

Go to Evergreen's website to register for the workshop.  CLICK HERE.
Hope to see your smiling face next Sat.

Happy Trails