Friday, July 29, 2016


Hey Friends, Yeah, that's right - - I want to start over.  Starting your life over would be fabulous, but I'll settle for my art to do over.

I've been unsettled, maybe disappointed or maybe I'm just tired of the same ole same ole..

So to help speed things up (I pray) I'm trying to clear out the studio.  I have put a good bit of the works in my Etsy store.  So I'm taking them out and listing on EBAY.  I'm really hoping to cover the cost of materials in Ebay.  Most people are
looking for bargains on Ebay so maybe they will go fast.  Then maybe I can start over.  And what if I don't like my start overs?  Well, I'll cross that bridge before it burns.  Everybody has an opinion and if you want to express yours, please do.  I will continue with plein air studies and see where that leads.

I hope to show you soon what I'm really wanting to do with paints.

Mean while go see if you want anything in my EBAY kiosk.

Happy Trails


Jessi Ridgway said...

I love your paintings! I want them all! I'll have a huge house someday that I can hang them up! I love what you've painted in the past and see what the plein air ones look like. I am excited for more plein air to come!

Sue Marrazzo said...

SO SO GREAT!!!!!!!