Saturday, January 10, 2009


Hey Friends, I just wanted to show you a couple of mini-paintings I've done lately. I love to paint birds and nature in general, but I have found that I really enjoy painting birds nest! Not sure why I like these so much. Could be symbolic of several things, like birth or rebirth or a new beginning. Or maybe when you watch birds in the great outdoors, you know what these little eggs are in for. It's such a struggle for birds to stay alive and reproduce.
These paintings are such sweet gifts for so little money. I put them in handsome gold frames and luckily I've sold several in the last month. When times are ruff you have to think of something!

Another reason for showing you these paintings is to make fun of my glasses! I have looked and looked for some really strong glasses to paint mini's with. My regular glasses just wouldn't do. Could not find any, so I made my own! I'll show you in the next post.
Happy trails.

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