Thursday, January 8, 2009


Hi Friends, A quick post to tell you of some BAD news. ART ON A MISSION is closing! Makes me feel like crying. The gallery fees went to the Rescue Mission and like most charitable org. they need every nickel they can find. Plus on the selfish side they were one of the few places that was still selling my artwork in this economy. I put a lot of effort into helping them push my work or maybe make it visible is a better statement. They had a wonderful, friendly,caring staff. I will miss them.
On the bright side, Pam (director of Art on Miss) says there is a really good possability of AOM opening in another sight with better layout and maybe a cafe! Will not know until this spring. I'm really hoping this comes true.
I plan on picking up what is left of my inventory there on Jan. 15th, next Thurs. So if anyone wants to lessen my load, go to AOM in Tanglewood Mall before next Thursday. They are located next to JCPenney-lower level.
Now, I'm going to paint a little more and go back to blogger to study how to add a widget or thingy for my Etsy store!!!!!!!!!
ps-I forgot to mention Art on a Mission sells some of their donated vintage items on EBAY. Check them out.

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