Thursday, January 8, 2009


Well my friends, I was going to post a couple of new paintings I finished just this morning. But nothing comes easy for me. I was scanning the first painting and had to answer the phone and I'm EASILY distracted, so I thought I was going along just fine while talking but then Wham- the scanner wouldn't work anymore. I called my computer help desk and she couldn't diagnose the problem over the phone and she can't make a housecall until next Tuesday. Tell me which is worse-doctors or computer geeks? (my first born is the geek-HeeHee)

So anyway, I decided to show you a couple of "Painted Photo Collages" (this is what I decided to name this process) that were finished before the holidays. Soon I will make a really long post about how you can do this. The first image above was a real joy to do. I enjoyed it so much I did a second version below. Her grandmother was happy too.

The image below was a real treat to work on also. I love to work on photos of dogs, especially when they are in a setting you can really elaborate on, such as a beach. A local lady had this done for her sister in California. She was happy too.

So there you have it for now. Just in case you were wondering, my daughter seems to be doing just fine. I printed out a lot of info I have found on various blogs about BLOGGING and promoting your blog, etc. So now I need to read them and organize them and decide which I will be able to actually do with my limited skills. Ohhhh, if one only had the money to hire a secretary. (do they still call them that?)

Happy Trails

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whit whit said...

yes sue boo they still call them secretaries hehe

ya other daughter whitney haha