Sunday, January 25, 2009


Hey Friends, My post tonight is about ALL the phishing emails I get daily from people trying to appear they are legtimate ebayers. About a year ago, when I first got a home computer, I was selling art work on ebay. I got an email from what looked like a question about an item on the auction sight. Being the unsuspecting novice, I clicked it!!!!!! Shortly there after, my computer came to a very slow crawl. SPYWARE had been installed. If I remember correctly, the brain had to be replaced and my dandy little computer was gone for a week. Anyway, I usually learn most things the hard way. So I thought maybe I could help a bit by warning everyone to be extra careful. I don't know the reason or if I'm the only one but I get these phishing emails every day. Just before posting here, I forwarded three, 3, emails to A couple days ago I emailed Ebay and told them how many I was forwarding and asked if they were aware or on top of this business. They emailed back and let me know they are aware and serious about checking them. Unforunately, most they can never find. So we are on our own folks. Oh, yeah, last year when my computer was hacked, they managed to get most of my money from my paypal account. BUT, the good news, Paypal gave it back!!!!(took a couple of weeks) I have nothing but good things to say about Paypal and Ebay. Everytime I've asked for help, they have given. These emails still give me the willies.

Happy Trails.

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Art By MAR said...

So sorry that happened to you but as least you are wiser now. I have had my computer taken over by a virus and it is not fun. Your artwork is beautiful by the way!