Monday, July 11, 2011

Are you a Walker?

Hey Friends, I've been walking every day for about 5 weeks maybe. This morning the Family of deer were out and about. First Mom crossed the road. Then .................

This baby came busting through. It looked scared. I guess Mom was too far away. Then ........

This baby came ambling out. Seemed pretty unconcerned that Mom was so far ahead of him. These critters are so pretty. But they are little monsters in the garden.

I walk about a mile. That's about all I can take. The heart and or lungs don't seem to be much better than when I started. I will not give up 'cuz I know it takes forever to change anything !!

Speaking of change, I've been wanting to join DPW for a long time. I keep sitting on that fence. Not getting any younger so I better do it NOW! Right after a shower and a full day of shoe selling. No rest for the wicked.

Happy Trails


Lorena said...

what's DPW? I walk a lot, with my dogs, friends, and dogs from our animal shelter. I walk about 4 miles per day. My advice is, the more you walk , the more automatic it becomes. If you go with a friend and talk along the way you can walk miles without even realizing it. Staying hydrated by drinking lots of water always helps to give energy.

Holly said...

I love walking- it's one of my favorite ways to exercise. So relaxing, at least when it's nice outside. This little deer family is so cute!

Sue Furrow said...

Hi Lorena, I really do enjoy reading your blog. I would love it if you had a subscribe button, 'cuz It makes MY life easier to just get your posts in my mailbox.
DPW is Daily Paint Works.
Thanks for the advice.
Holly, My fav time of the day is when I'm walking. I remember most days to take my camera 'cuz you never know what will pop up. AND those CUTE little deer are eating up everything! They are so bad.
Hope all are enjoying your weekend.

Sorcerer said...

well captured.
Yes I agree..walking is a wonderful therapy to the mind and the body.
Its so nice to know that you get to live close to these gentle animals.
days must be fun

Stephen Page said...

I'm a walker. The best exercise there is. Great way to be with nature, too, as you have found out.

Sue Furrow said...

Hi Sorcer and Steve, Glad you stopped long enough to notice the deer. Now to look at your blogs!