Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Books !!!!!!!

Hey Friends, A quick post to let you know I'm still hanging on. Doing well inspite of the 100 degrees that keeps hanging on too. Still walking, early in the mornings. Still loving it !
I just bought the two books pictured above, from Mr. Schmid's "Stove Prarie Press" site.
Fan-tab-ulous !!! Love their work. A tiny bit disappointed in Ms. Guzik's book. It is so minimally (is that a word?) illustrated. And I know she has painted a bazillion pictures so they could have included more. As it is there is one pictured on one page, nothing on the backside of the page except titles,etc.
Of course Mr. Schmids is big in size (love that) and lots of paintings pictured (love that) and it cost 3 times as much as Nancy's.
So the point is they could have done more with her book for a little more money.
Blah Blah - Like I know anything about making money or paintings.

Hope every last one of you are having great summers ! School will be back soon.
Happy Trails.


Holly said...

As much as I love to read non-illustrated books, I also enjoy a good picture book- something I can casually flip through for inspiration. My problem is that I have WAY too many books, and I think I see a cleansing in my near future. :-(

Sue Furrow said...

Hey Holly, Be careful purging ! A couple times I wish I had not been so hasty. But I'm a FREAKING Book Hound or worm. It's a compulsion that I fight everyday.