Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Art Works at Gallery 108

Hey Friends, I know I didn't post these last night, as promised, But my sister was here when I got home from the REAL job and we had to visit. So-o-o-o the photo above is an Art Card made by the one and only creative Mary Ann Meador (she is featured in the last post also). The verbage is a fortune cookie promise and it says " You will always get what you want through your charm and personality"...... How cool is that? There were several more in the basket.

The painting above was created by Susan Egbert just recently. She and artsy-fartsy friends were plein air painting at a B&B in Montgomery county called MAISON BELIVEAU. Go ahead and google that. It's a beautiful place and they grow a lot of lavender, I was told. She used water soluable oils for this piece and if you could see it in person you would love the textures.

Sorry I had to include this - I LOVE IT! I can't write at all, can't even make some words rhyem (can't spell either) so why am I always drawn to stuff with words. I think I'm really secretly depressed and look for the uplifting stuff. It was created again by Mary Ann. can you tell I like her work? Also she is the president of the League of Roanoke Artists and works hard at this job.

I meant to load these last 2 photos vice versa. These were created by Suzanne Sellers another super creative woman. She is a teacher at a nearby school and sorry I can't remember the small stuff. I think she makes a lot of her papers but she also buys some. But look how she uses them!

These are just gorgeous in person. And they are right up my alley in terms of fantasy or make believe. At one time they were close friends of Tinkerbell.

So you guys get on down to the market. Shop around Gallery 108 and then go over to the farmers market and get some tasty stuff for dinner. You won't be disappointed.

Happy Trails