Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Day at Gallery 108

Hey Friends, It was my turn to MAN the desk at Gallery 108 yesterday. It was a good day! For the lovlies that don't know, Gallery 108 is in downtown Roanoke, Virginia, on the market and the market building that has been in a very long state of renovation - IS almost ready to open!!! Just a few more weeks to go - Yay!
One of the artist in this co-op is Miki Overcast. And she stopped by with her beautiful (handsome) son named Joshua. Somehow He did as I asked, when I told him to kiss his Mom.

This is a closer view of a painting by Bonnie Mason. She works mainly with oils. Beautiful!

This is a closer view of a Mary Ann Meador. She works in all media and they are joyous depections of everything she sees.

Mary Ann and Bonnie are the featured artist this month. The show is called "More than Places" This is just a glimpse. Hope some of you can stop by for this show and some artists had some new work that is really NICE. I'll try to remember to post those tomorrow.

These photos are of the windows and they are usually difficult to get a decent shot of. the beautiful assemblages above are hand crafted by Heather Brush. I have not met her yet and hope to soon. Love the "Shiney Moon" piece and there is a tree made of Domino's.

And the other window has Linda Overstreet's lovely quilted work. I apologize for the sorry photo Linda. Her book covers and journals and hand bags are wonderful gifts for anyone. Think of the book covers on a Bible ! And girls love journals.

Check back to see some new works that I'm especially fond of. As for myself, today I put base colors on a lot of small canvas' and wooden panels. I think the panels are MDF boards. Will be my first try on this surface. Should be just like masonite.

Happy Trails


Holly said...

I thought that first painting by Bonnie Mason was a photo at first. She did SUCH a good job of recreating sunlight! Working at a gallery sounds like fun. I would feel so inspired just being around all those beautiful creations!

Sue Furrow said...

You are so right Holly!! It is very inspiring for me!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe because I work alone and most of the people i encounter could put their enthusiasm for art in a Tinkerbell teacup. I'll tell Bonnie what you said, she will enjoy that feedback.
Congrats on going National with your creations.