Friday, November 16, 2018


CANDACE is the name of a lady that has a farm, along with her family, in Buchanan, Va. called Beaver Dam Farm.  It is a dairy farm and to keep their life on this dairy farm they had to add AGRO tourism to their duties.  So they started planting sunflowers and it grew from birdseed to a festival !  That is now very well supported by the community.  The festival had a hard time in 2018 because of the weather.  It has been one of the rainiest summers ever here in SW Va.  But I know it will do just fine in the future.  Go check out their FB page and you will see what I mean,

I have painted lots of sunflowers, most of them were realistically done so I was happy to try something a bit more abstract, like this.
The next one will be even more abstracted and maybe on Masa Rice Paper which is a favorite surface.  And this has a contorted vase shape too!
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