Thursday, October 10, 2013

Can You Stop the Rain ?!

 Hey Friends,  Another little piece of inspiration.   Wouldn't it be cute if we humans could look up into the trees and see little purple umbrellas here and there?  We would know the little birds were doing OK.  Maybe I'm reverting to childhood.
This was painted on the piano papers again, all free hand with acrylics.  I love to make the little paperdoll chains into any creature-the little blue birds there at the bottom.  And this one has my finger prints all over it too.  If I thought it was possible at all, I'd catch a bird and make foot prints with it, before setting it free.  Wouldn't that be the coolest thing I've done yet.
I went to an apple orchard today with my sister and of course I got a bunch of pictures.  Soon I can paint from them and munch on apples whilst I work..
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