Tuesday, October 8, 2013

the Best Things in Life are Free

 Hey Friends,  This piece started with the printed paper from my GranBabes piano practice book.
 Thought a few process shots might be fun.  The paper has been gelled to the thick canvas and starting with the blue acrylics.
 The stamp I carved myself and I added the vine  so it could be green.
 Here I have finished with the stamp and painted in the utility wire with the blackbirds resting.  I don't know if you can tell but I really like the finger prints I made all over the piece.  Kinda like certain brush strokes but made with the fingers.
And I have found quite a few feathers this year and I like them a lot so I use them every chance I get.  And here are the edges of the piece.  Did you notice how stained and worn my table is?  I like to put paint right on the table instead of the palette, especially when working with a tiny brush and very small strokes.   I shall put this in my Etsy Shop.
Happy Trails
Travel Well


audrey said...

Hi Sue.
I loved seeing how you made this piece. Making art is such fun ~ I wish I had more time.
I have two booths made into one big one at Buy the Season #2173 or just ask at the desk. I also have a large jewelry showcase there. They will direct you to that as well.
Can you believe we are nearing the middle of October already? Yipes! I am not ready for a new year.
xo audrey

DLPBR said...

Thanks Audrey, I'll grab my sister as soon as possible and get out to BTS. She likes it better than I do

Sue Marrazzo said...

LOVE this...Really SWEET!