Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mini Original Art for the Holidays

Hey Friends,  Yes, How I've slacked off since that challenge ended.  Bad - Bad.  I have been busy even though I haven't shown you anything.  At night, I like to give my Mom a little company.  She isn't getting any younger, so we watch some TV and holler at each other ( we're both deaf).  I can take that for just so long and then I pull out the paints and pens, and start doodling.
Pen and Ink with watercolor has proven to be pretty neat and doesn't take up much room.  Since it has turned winter here in Virginia (I hate this) I can't play outside any more, so I'll have to be content with this for now.
These are small little jewels and would make nice, inexpensive gifts for almost anyone, especially the person that has everything.  If you want a mini of any subject,  just let me know.  I will probably be able to do it with a little flair.   Check this out in my Etsy shop, HERE.


Sue Marrazzo said...

These are so cute!

DLPBR said...

Thanks Sue. Sorry I didn't see your comment before now.

DLPBR said...

Sue Marrazzo, Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments. I tried to leave a commet on your like, but I don't have a Google+ acct. I don't think I need anymore computer work so....Thanks.