Sunday, October 6, 2013

Glorious Day for an Artist

 Hello Friends and Neighbors,   This morning was beautiful here in the mountains of SW Virginia.  Maybe it isn't obvious in these photos but the sun was shining nicely, there was a breeze, and the temp. was perfect.   I jumped on the golf cart and headed down the road to my neighbor's pond.
 These wonderful folks don't mind me painting or my GranBabes chasing their chickens or dog.  They love to come here.  They live in the city and love running loose in the country.  In the top photo you can see that the ducks are hiding in the corner of the pond.   They are very skiddish of strangers.
In the 2nd painting, which was about an hour later, I guess they were getting used to my presence, because as you can see, they were right out in the middle of the pond.   You've never seen such splashing and fluffing and chasing.  They seem to really love each other.
In this second painting, after backing up to get photos, I could see that I didn't like the large yellowish spot on the left and below the ducks.  I changed that but forgot to re shoot.  Once they dry I'll scan both and show you that it looks better now.
I truly enjoyed this day and hope there are more to come.  I need this practice badly to improve.
Happy Trails
Travel Well

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