Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tight Rope Walking

 Hey Friends,  Trying to keep a little momentum going here.  I really enjoyed Leslie Saeta's challenge, but it was a challenge !.   I can paint every day but when you add a couple hours of computer time, every day,  it's a little different.  And if there are any artist out there with storage problems or how do you keep up with NOT sending any to galleries.  I'm afraid to send any thing from my DPW gallery or Etsy shop to my galleries because I know I'd end up selling the same thing in 2 different locations.   Does that make sense?
 My GranBabe is taking piano lessons and I was perusing her books.  I saw several song titles that struck a chord so I copied them.  Tight rope walking could be any one of us.  These spindly flamingos always seem to be walking on the edge, so why not a rope.
This painting has a companion and I'll finish it tomorrow.  This will go in my Etsy shop too.
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