Saturday, May 16, 2015


Hey Friends,  Found a few more pieces for Ebay in the studio.  This is called "Ms. Kitty and Her Aquarium".  We all know how much cats love to watch fish go by.  CLICK HERE for details in EBAY.

Today Linda and I had the great pleasure of painting at the Pleasant Grove Farm in Botetourt.  Mrs. Whitney Feldmann and her husband graciously opened their beautiful home and property for about 12 painters from the local area to capture the many beautiful views.  Above Mrs. Feldmann even hung some laundry on the lines just for me!  I told her how much I loved to paint laundry drying on the line.  You so seldom see this anymore.  What a generous lady.

Here is Linda in the shade of any old maple.  Mr. Feldmann said it was planted in 1955.  He had quite a few stories to pass on.  Their gorgeous home was built in 1830"s if I remember correctly.

This is the view that Linda was trying to get on the canvas before lunch.  She will have to tweek it before giving to Whitney for the BIG auction in Sept.
Can you see the cows?

And here is me!  Starting a third one.  I usually just do "Starts" when plein airing and finish later from memory or photos.
I will decide which to give to the auction after they are finished.
I have not looked yet but assume you can find out more about the auction in Sept by going to
We had a wonderful day and hope to go back soon.
Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Feldmann.
Happy Trails

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