Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Hey Friends,  Hope you all had a great weekend, I did.  It feels like spring is here now.  I was out painting of course.  And I found these "Summer Britches" hanging on the line, waiting for me to get there with my paints!  And some beautiful pinkish clouds waited for me.
I put her up for auction in EBAY.  Click there. 

And new art was installed at "Goose Creek Gallery" in Bedford, Va.  Love that place.  Above is a whimsical piece that sputtered around in my brain for at least a year.  I feel that anything that takes that long to be born is going to be a disappointment.  Do you think so?  Have you ever spent that much time thinking or planning something?  I rarely do.  Most people would say I'm too impulsive.  That I don't give it time to brew.  I finally thought of the title "She Wanted His Heart But......"
This is Dragonfly # 24.... A long line of DF's done and yet to be.  Never have gotten tired of painting them.  I have gotten tired of chasing them to photograph.  So I am always real happy to get DF photos from a dear friend in Florida.  Thanks Cathie.
I will post the other deliveries to Goose Creek tomorrow.  Don't want to wear out my welcome.
Happy Trails

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