Friday, May 8, 2015


Hey Friends,  I'll probably get my hand smacked but I put in the labels, NFS, .  I am trying, finally, to follow along on a demo post, Made by Keene Wilson, about a workshop with Ovannes Berberian.

I set up my own still life outside, this morning.  If I had not given a lot of thought to what I wanted to use with what few flowers I had on hand, last night.  I don't believe I could have made an arrangement before noon.  Arranging a still life is hard.
This photo shows the marks I made to show location of each item. (That's how HE does it).

Then I spent a good amount of time blocking in the colors like HE does.  I tried hard to stay loose and paint SHAPES, not things.  And that ain't easy for a fiddler.
Looks pretty ugly at this stage, huh?

This photo shows all the colors in place and the refinement starts.  I read recently that if you can paint still life's you can paint anything.  I used to think if you can paint the figure you can paint anything. Not so sure now, the still life is TUFF, like a figure.  Is that why so many painters prefer the landscape?

The sun has really changed by this photo and the blessed gnats have arrived to cheer me on.
If this is finished, obviously I will take a better photo.  I put her in that block studio you see in back to rest or age gracefully.  If she has not aged properly I will do another practice painting on her.
Normally I'm pretty busy on Fridays with my Gran Babes but they needed/wanted to spend some time with their Daddy.  Isn't that great?  Love it.
I have another smaller one I started this evening and hope to finish it tomorrow.
If you have not given it a try, makes plans to paint a still life outside, Maybe tomorrow!!
Listening to the sweet birds whispering to each other and the breeze waving the trees is so heaven like, that I hate for anyone to miss it.
Happy Mother's Day to All
Happy Trails

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