Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day at Blue Ridge Vineyard and My Mother's Day Feast.

Hey Friends,  Reposting this little painting I did at Longwood a month ago.  I painted it just as I saw it then, pale pink flowers.  Didn't excite me or anyone else evidently.  So I made it more colorful.
You can find it HERE in Ebay.

Yesterday, I went with the DLP to Blue Ridge Vineyard in Eagle Rock to start our Challenge of 150 Paintings in 150 days !!  Yep, We are really going to paint 150 paintings.
The Challenge will culminate at Ikenberry's Orchard on Rt. 220 this fall.

That's a shot of MOI and Linda painting from the sliver of shade at the Pavallion/Stage at the Vineyard Sunday.  I did the 2 (unfinished) in the mid photo.
But the best part of yesterday, is when my oldest daughter, Angie showed up with my GranBabes, Lillie and Nicolus to serve me and my mother a feast !!
They brought pasta salad, chicken salad, 2 different cheese balls with fruit slices, ham biscuits, strawberry cake with whippy icing and mini chocolate cupcakes.
I'm on a diet so I ate everything.  And it was delicious.
It was the best Mothers Day ever.  And why didn't I get a photo, you ask?  Because I was dizzy and out of my mind from all the carbs.
Thanks for stopping in, Happy Trails

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