Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Heather Farm and Painted Papers

Hey Friends,  I've added this and a couple more to the Ebay auctions.  In case you don't know, the first image on my blog shows up in the Daily Paintworks site.  So if it isn't a painting, some of the people on that site wig-out.  I think this is heather, could have been heath?,   Probably neither since the Blue Ridge is in the background.  I have a license to change things as I see fit.  Artistic license's are issued along with your DMV license to drive and rubberneck.  Click Here for Ebay.

 This morning the DLP's changed the artwork at Harrogate Salem Terrace.  For you Salemites, it's the big facility, sitting on the hill behind Walmart on Main Street.
 That's Bonnie, top photo, Linda in lower photo, approving of the arrangement.  This would be a great place to retire too.  They give you so much attention and work hard to make sure everyone is kept busy.  If you are a couch potato you may not like all the activities.  Hope to see all of you there in about 30 years.  Go by and look at the artwork and meet the wonderful women working there.

After we finished at Harrogate, we headed for Longwood Park, which is beside the famous Salem Museum, also on Main Street.  We set up under the picnic shelter to make painted papers for the up coming workshop to be held at the Sedalia Center this May 31st.

The wind was howling at about 15 mph and cold enough to turn us into blue popsicles.  But we persevered and finished a stack of papers !  We hung them on a line with 2 wooden clothes pins per sheet.  Started with 1 pin, but the wind never let up and we had to go with 2 pins.  So now we have lots of painted papers for the Sedalia Workshop.  You should sign up 'cuz it's gonna be a blast.

And this Friday evening, please try to come by the Electric Co. Co-Op in DT Bedford for their Open House.  The Double Line Painters are the featured artists for April and May and the name of the show is "Spring Break".   Some of us will be painting for the crowd and some others just to answer your questions.

Happy Trails
Travel Well

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