Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"Sleeping Late"

Hey Friends,  A still life for the ebay auctions.  I don't paint too many still lifes.  I think because there is so much other stuff I want to paint.  They are supposed to be very educational so I hope to do more.  Especially if they are flowers and from life.  Click Here

Saturday as I was taking my Gran Babes home, I passed this scene but could not stop.  So I raced into the daughters driveway, threw the Babes into the yard and squealed "BYE" as I raced off.  Hoping the laundry would still be hanging there.    IT WAS, obviously.  This was as close as I could get w/o trespassing.   Some people just don't understand artists, like their family does.
Happy Trails
Travel Well


audrey said...

Your "still life" is beautiful and very well done, Sue. I never got excited about painting still life either.
I completely understand the mad dash to get the photo of the hanging laundry. I just might get in an accident someday for all the crazy quick stops I make to take photos of things.

DLPBR said...

You take such beautiful photos too. I just have a point & shot. Afairly good one but not like yours.
Thanks for stopping bye. Hope to see ya some time, maybe at 2nd H.