Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"Rainbow" and Spring is Here !!

Hey Friends,  Here is my Babe swinging high over the mountains at Green Hill Park, here in SW Virginia.  And a rainbow suddenly appeared.  Ha.  Using the stale imagination here.  She is going to be at auction in Ebay.  Click Here to take a peek.

And here is the news of the day--"It's warm again here in the mountains, the Blue Ridge Mountains"
Yay,  I jumped in the golf cart and rode down to the bottom of the hill where the crazy people live.
I've painted here many times.  It seems to change every winter.  And in the photos you can't see the little stream of water like you can in the painting.

This shot is the block in or start.  I made the base coat blue for a change but I still like the red base better.   I painted another after this one on a red base.  I'll show you that one tomorrow.
Here more colors are added.  As you can see the real scene isn't so pretty or maybe my camera was on the wrong setting.  I'm sure everyone knows you have to add your own panache to most scenery.  There is always something wrong.  Except today it was so nice to be outside I didn't even notice how dull and gray every thing still is.  The little green sprouts are bursting forth and soon we artists will be belly aching 'cuz everything is so green.

Tomorrow, Thursday, my painting group, the DLP will be painting in a vineyard north of here.  I will give a full report tomorrow night here and on the DLP blog.
Happy Trails
Travel Well

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